Kelly Sizer

Kelly Sizer

Kelly Sizer first joined LITRG in 2007 and returned to the staff in 2019 after a year working as a tax writer. She is a CTA (Fellow), which was awarded in 2018 for her thesis on the complexities of tax-incentivised savings for the low-income population. 

21 October 2022

The CIOT and LITRG have commented on draft legislation to address the ‘low earners anomaly’ for pensions relief relating to net pay arrangements.

The LITRG, CIOT and ATT made a joint submission to an inquiry by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Financial Education for Young People into the barriers facing schools as they deliver financial education.

22 August 2022

LITRG and CIOT have responded to a Department for Work and Pensions call for evidence on how people can be supported in making pension choices.

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group, CIOT and ATT have each met with the Office of Tax Simplification to discuss their Review of Simplification scoping document ( ).

22 February 2022

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group highlights a common query on the tax position of pre-6 April 2016 state pension lump sums.

3 November 2021

Kelly Sizer and Tom Henderson consider the tax status of coupledom, and how it can affect income, allowances and benefits