Alan McLintock

Alan McLintock

Alan is a Senior VAT Manager in Ford Motor Company working on indirect tax strategy within Europe. His day-to-day work covers the full range of automotive and large company VAT issues including Brexit, connected vehicles and supporting Ford’s in house bank, FCE Bank plc. Alan has spent over 30 years in VAT covering time in HMRC, commerce and practice including some years spent in the US. Alan is Chair of the Indirect Tax sub-committee in the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

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Import VAT
7 June 2019

Alan McLintock examines who, in principle, is entitled under VAT law to recover import VAT

Indirect Tax Voice
14 November 2017

Alan McLintock provides a timely reminder of the changes made to counter abuse of the zero rating relief for certain vehicles and the potential impact these have on business processes and record keeping