Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain

Emma is a Fellow of CIOT, member of the CIOT Succession Taxes Committee and STEP Technical Committee, and co-author with Chris Whitehouse of Trust Taxation and Estate Planning 4th edition (Sweet and Maxwell); Dymond’s Capital Taxes (Sweet & Maxwell); Pre-Owned Assests and Estate Planning (Sweet & Maxwell); and is co-author of the Mirrlees Report IFS Wealth and Wealth Transfer Taxes (OUP).

1 April 2021

In the second part of her series on home loan schemes, Emma Chamberlain reviews the current arguments relating to the schemes, including the impact of the recent Shelford case

2 March 2021

Emma Chamberlain examines the complexities involved in negotiating home loan arrangements and inheritance tax

Before death do us part – IHT on divorce
IHT on divorce
1 October 2015

In the second of her two-part series, Emma Chamberlain considers the inheritance tax issues for divorcing couples

CGT on divorce
1 June 2015

In the first of a two-part series, Emma Chamberlain considers the capital gains tax issues arising on divorce