Andy Lymer

Andy Lymer

Professor Lymer teaches and researches UK and international taxation. He is co-author of Taxation: Policy and Practice, the 21st edition of which was published in August 2014. He is co-Director of the Research Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM) that produces research on the role of assets and their distribution in people’s lives, from pensions to housing to financial savings.

Tax Psychology
1 April 2018

Andy Lymer considers the influence of nudge theory in tax policy

Tax research

Jane Frecknall-Hughes and Andy Lymer provide guidance on understanding the tax problems experienced by older people

Diana Onu and Andy Lymer consider what psychologists say about tax compliance
Tax compliance
1 April 2017

Diana Onu and Andy Lymer consider what psychologists say about tax compliance

A key element-tax conferences
Tax conferences
1 January 2017

Andy Lymer, Lynne Oats and Simon James take a look at the opportunities presented by academic conferences in tax

Tax at University
Tax at University
1 March 2016

Andy Lymer explains why universities play an important role in the development of tax professionals

Public attitudes to tax
Academic Focus
4 December 2015

Andy Lymer examines how tax advisers can make a positive contribution to the public debate on taxation

1 March 2015

Andy Lymer and Lynne Oats interview Philip Baker QC about his career in academia and at the bar

Academic focus
1 June 2015

Lynne Oats and Andy Lymer explain the enquiring minds of PhD tax students