Julie Butler FCA

Julie Butler FCA

Julie Butler is a farm and equine tax specialist. Her articles are published in the national accountancy and tax press and she is the author of Tax Planning for Farm and Land Diversification, Equine Tax Planning and Stanley: Taxation of Farmers and Landowners.

1 February 2018

Julie Butler and Fred Butler provide an overview of the taxes that can apply to cryptocurrencies

Taxation on woodlands
1 December 2017

Julie Butler and Fred Butler provide a guide on maximising tax relief from woodlands

Outdoor celebrations – Property diversification
Property diversification
1 October 2016

Julie Butler considers the tax implications of providing ‘glamping’ wedding venues

Enterprise investment schemes
1 May 2016

Julie Butler provides an overview of the EIS rules as they apply to farm diversification

Investment clubs – Collective gain
Investment clubs
1 August 2015

Julie Butler explains the taxation considerations for investment clubs and other collective management schemes

Land development
1 June 2015

Julie Butler explains why tax planning for development land should be reviewed urgently

Badges of trade
1 April 2015

Julie Butler reviews the taxation implications of bitcoin dealing

Income tax loss claims
1 February 2015

Julie Butler considers the validity of income tax loss claims