Enterprise Management Incentive schemes
Management of Taxes Voice
15 November 2018

Enterprise Management Incentive schemes are simply the most tax efficient and flexible share option plans. But, says David Marcussen , just make sure you don’t fall foul of the rules – it’s easy to do.

Political conferences
1 November 2018

George Crozier looks at the impact of impending Brexit on this year’s conference season and the parties’ tax and economic plans

Loss Relief
1 November 2018

Pete Miller explains why new loss restriction compliance requirements apply to all companies, not just those with profits of more than £5 million

1 November 2018

Jo Myers examines the OECD’s ongoing work on BEPS Actions 8-10: Financial Transactions

1 November 2018

Panny Loucas and Matthew Clark consider some ‘no regret’ actions businesses should be taking, no matter the outcome of the Brexit negotiations

HMRC Guidance
1 November 2018

Bill Dodwell looks at the recent OTS report on HMRC guidance

Debt restructuring
1 November 2018

Mandipa Soni provides practical guidance on avoiding common pitfalls when dealing with debt restructuring

Disguised Remuneration
1 November 2018

Phil Gilbert provides guidance on how to ensure any of your clients who have been involved in disguised remuneration avoidance schemes are able to settle

Global Employment
1 November 2018

Robert Salter provides guidance on the HR, finance and payroll aspects international businesses need to consider when recruiting or seconding employees abroad

Share Purchase Agreements and Tax Deeds
1 November 2018

Satvi Vepa provides a guide to the main tax provisions in share purchase agreements and tax deeds