Professional Skills

Professional Skills
1 December 2018

Jo Maughan provides some practical tips for managing strong emotions in the workplace

Professional Skills
1 September 2018

Jo Maughan shows you how to work out who the important people in your career are, and how to tap into their influence

Professional skills
1 August 2018

Georgiana Head considers the skills which make good tax advisers and future-proof careers

Professional skills
1 June 2018

Jo Maughan explains why the key to your success is enhancing your self-knowledge

In house tax
1 December 2017

Elizabeth Lavercombe provides a few words of advice to advisers on what a client really wants

Practice growth
1 August 2017

Mitch Young demonstrates how to use social media to generate publicity for your tax work and get new clients

Changing shape-careers
1 January 2017

Jill Storey asks if multiple careers will be the norm, and considers how to prepare

A new approach – Continuing professional development
Continuing professional development
1 December 2016

Jane Mellor explains the new CPD requirements for CIOT, ATT and ADIT affiliates

Negotiation skills
1 September 2016

Natalie Reynolds explains six negotiation mistakes to avoid

The corporate athlete – Personal development
Personal development
1 August 2016

Jill Storey looks at the lessons tax professionals can learn from the world of sporting excellence