Soft skills

Professional Skills
1 September 2018

Jo Maughan shows you how to work out who the important people in your career are, and how to tap into their influence

Professional skills
1 August 2018

Georgiana Head considers the skills which make good tax advisers and future-proof careers

Professional skills
1 June 2018

Jo Maughan explains why the key to your success is enhancing your self-knowledge

In house tax
1 December 2017

Elizabeth Lavercombe provides a few words of advice to advisers on what a client really wants

Practice growth
1 August 2017

Mitch Young demonstrates how to use social media to generate publicity for your tax work and get new clients

Changing shape-careers
1 January 2017

Jill Storey asks if multiple careers will be the norm, and considers how to prepare

A new approach – Continuing professional development
Continuing professional development
1 December 2016

Jane Mellor explains the new CPD requirements for CIOT, ATT and ADIT affiliates

Negotiation skills
1 September 2016

Natalie Reynolds explains six negotiation mistakes to avoid

The corporate athlete – Personal development
Personal development
1 August 2016

Jill Storey looks at the lessons tax professionals can learn from the world of sporting excellence

The finalists of the Young Tax Professional of the Year competition, 2015
Young professionals
1 August 2016

Emma Reitano meets the 2015 Young Tax Professional of the Year, Elaine Yi Long