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Mental health
1 December 2020

Jo Maughan asks what you can do to nurture your mental health to survive, even thrive, this December

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General feature

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29 October 2020

George Crozier reviews the 2020 party conferences, which took an unusual turn this year

Office of Tax Simplification
29 September 2020

Bill Dodwell reviews the issues faced by the Office of Tax Simplification and its efforts to address complexity in tax

1 September 2020

As part of our series on diversity in tax, we share the personal experiences of Georgiana Head and Dipti Thakrar about their battles to secure equality in the tax world


Tax Adviser presents the views of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic tax practitioners about their experiences in the profession

Tony Wilson, Institute Director at the Institute for Employment Studies, reports that racial inequality in the labour market has persisted for decades – and that we all have to play a part in addressing it

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Working practices
1 July 2020

Karen Eckstein examines how businesses must address the ‘new normal’ way of working to ensure their future profitability and sustainability

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Tax system
1 June 2020

Giles Mooney shares his views on how the government can build a simple, fair tax system

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1 June 2020

Bill Dodwell considers the responses to Covid-19 offered through tax systems in the UK and overseas