General Features

Claire Perrett and Tessa Pudge consider recent tax developments affecting charities
Taxation of Charities
1 February 2019

Claire Perrett and Tessa Pudge consider recent tax developments affecting charities

Cyber Security
1 January 2019

Andrew M from the National Cyber Security Centre provides practical guidance for SMEs on preparing for and dealing with a cyber security breach

Bridge the Gap
1 December 2018

Julie Cameron looks at how people on low incomes can face real tax problems from modern working arrangements

Political conferences
1 November 2018

George Crozier looks at the impact of impending Brexit on this year’s conference season and the parties’ tax and economic plans

1 October 2018

Gillian Wrigley takes us through its achievements, and what’s next on the agenda

Bridge the Gap
1 September 2018

Julie Cameron explores how mental health issues can contribute to tax problems, which can become so severe they are potentially life changing

1 July 2018

Mel Stride , Financial Secretary to the Treasury, looks at the achievements and challenges of the past year

Historical taxes
1 July 2018

On the centenary of women’s suffrage, Helen Thornley considers the links between tax and voting rights for women

Oil and gas taxation
1 May 2018

Claire Angell and Amy Hunt consider the oil tax regime

Tax Psychology
1 April 2018

Andy Lymer considers the influence of nudge theory in tax policy