ATT User Guides: Help us to stay up to date

03 March 2021

The Association of Taxation Technicians has prepared two ‘How to’ guides to help agents navigate the Trust Registration Service and UK Property Reporting Service. We would be grateful for your help to make sure they stay relevant to members. 
Last year, the ATT created two ‘user guides’ to support agents dealing with the new UK property Reporting Service (used to report certain property disposals in 30 days) and the new update functionality on the Trust Registration Service (TRS). Both were created following feedback from members that suggested that the GOV.UK guidance on these topics was not sufficiently detailed.

The guide on how to update the trust register on the TRS has proved particularly popular, with our website statistics showing it received over 6,000 views in 2020, and that visitors spent on average 13 minutes reading it. The original version was also shared with other professional bodies, who have built their own guides using it as a foundation. 
As the technical team do not have access to these two services themselves, the guides can only be developed thanks to huge amounts of help from members who contacted us with queries, questions and screenshots, and with support from HMRC. We are very grateful both to all the members who helped us last year and to HMRC staff for taking the time to comment on our efforts. 

As far as possible, we would like to keep these guides updated and ensure that they remain a helpful resource for members. Therefore, we would be grateful if members could highlight any errors or omissions or solutions to problems that they have found and think would help other members. Please let us know on or direct to Helen Thornley. 
It is also important that the GOV.UK guidance is as clear and helpful as possible, as this will be the first port of call for most people, and we continue to work with HMRC to suggest improvements. 

In an ideal world, we would not need these ‘user guides’ at all, but developing them does help to highlight the gaps in official guidance and provide a sticking plaster in the meantime. 

The two guides can be found on the ATT website at:

  • How to update the Trust Register:
  • UK Property Reporting Service – a user’s guide: