Management of taxes

Property Tax Voice
8 June 2018

Ram Iyer provides an insight into aspects of real estate taxation

Reasonable excuse
1 June 2018

Anton Lane provides an overview of the issues an adviser needs to consider representing a client in discussions about planning with HMRC

Alternative Dispute Resolution
1 June 2018

Helen McGhee considers the reasons to encourage your clients to consider alternative dispute resolution

Disguised remuneration

Patrick Cannon and Simon Farrell QC examine what remedies users of Disguised Remuneration arrangements may have against the advisers and IFAs who recommended they enter into the arrangements

Statutory Notices
1 June 2018

Keith Gordon considers a recent Upper Tribunal case which looks at one consequence of a client signing a form 64-8

Accelerated payment notices
1 May 2018

Ross Birkbeck considers the effect of recent cases on Accelerated Payment Notices


Jon Claypole and Ezra Dulberg highlight the many challenges in store for the taxation of cryptocurrencies

Discovery Assessments
1 May 2018

Keith Gordon considers a recent Upper Tribunal case which revisits the question as to when a discovery assessment is valid

Disguised Remuneration
1 April 2018

Helen Adams and Sarah Stenton examine why users of Disguised Remuneration arrangements need to carefully consider their options before the 31 May 2018 settlement registration deadline

Tax Transparency

Alex Henderson and Natalie Martin consider the range of initiatives introduced to increase transparency