International Tax

Transfer pricing
1 August 2018

Paul Sutton examines how corporate governance flaws exacerbate transfer pricing risks

International tax
1 July 2018

Melissa Geiger looks at the upcoming developments which will spark change on the international tax landscape

US Tax
1 July 2018

Paul Lloyds provides an overview of the 2017 reforms to US estate and gift tax and the scope of the US transfer tax regime

Property Tax Voice
8 June 2018

Ram Iyer provides an insight into aspects of real estate taxation

ADIT Voice
24 April 2018

Ram Iyer provides a roundup of the direct tax landscape to complement the overview of the indirect tax update.

Internationally Mobile Employees
1 April 2018

Robert Salter highlights the challenges that can arise for employers with employees working across other European countries

Tax Transparency

Alex Henderson and Natalie Martin consider the range of initiatives introduced to increase transparency

Transfer pricing
1 March 2018

Peter Steeds and Paul Fields look at trends in HMRC’s post-BEPS approach to transfer pricing

Digital Economy
1 February 2018

Bill Dodwell considers the taxation of the digital economy

State Aid
1 February 2018

Matt Stringer explores the design of the FCPE and the EC’s investigation into the regime