International Tax

Shifting sands – Taxing corporate profits
Taxing corporate profits
1 May 2016

Bill Dodwell examines the various ways to tax corporate profits and highlights the challenges involved with each

BEPS: the indirect tax impact
BEPS – Indirect tax
1 April 2016

Mark Junkin and Aili Nurk review the BEPs project and its potential effect on indirect taxation for businesses

Virtual compliance – BEPS – EU Digital Taskforce
BEPS – EU Digital Taskforce
1 March 2016

Bill Dodwell looks at the dilemma faced by the new EU digital taskforce in discerning digital services compliance in a global marketplace

BEPS – Interesting cap
BEPS – Interest Deductions
5 December 2015

Bill Dodwell considers the UK’s consultation on interest deductions

The certainty of uncertainty – US LLCs
1 November 2015

David Treitel considers whether the Anson case makes the UK tax treatment of US LLCs any clearer

Ready for – BEPS
1 November 2015

Bill Dodwell asks what should we make of the BEPS project’s outcomes?

BEPS firework (IStockphoto/ninochka)
1 October 2015

Bill Dodwell looks forward to 5 November when formal negotiations begin on the BEPS project

Spiced up exchange – OECD's common reporting standard (IStockphoto/oversnap)
OECD's common reporting standard
1 September 2015

Kriyang Karia and Martin Callaghan consider the implications of the common reporting standard in the UK and India

Back to basics - Interest deductibility
Back to Basics: Interest deductibility
1 July 2015

Matt Stringer considers the UK’s provisions relating to the deductibility of interest expense

Tax transparency
1 July 2015

Eugene Skrynnyk explains how high net worth individuals can plan effectively in light of increasing global transparency