International Tax

BEPS firework (IStockphoto/ninochka)
1 October 2015

Bill Dodwell looks forward to 5 November when formal negotiations begin on the BEPS project

Spiced up exchange – OECD's common reporting standard (IStockphoto/oversnap)
OECD's common reporting standard
1 September 2015

Kriyang Karia and Martin Callaghan consider the implications of the common reporting standard in the UK and India

Back to basics - Interest deductibility
Back to Basics: Interest deductibility
1 July 2015

Matt Stringer considers the UK’s provisions relating to the deductibility of interest expense

Tax transparency
1 July 2015

Eugene Skrynnyk explains how high net worth individuals can plan effectively in light of increasing global transparency

Global Indirect tax - adapting to new realities
Global Indirect tax
1 July 2015

Claudio Fischer considers four trends that are shaping the global indirect tax landscape

Conference report
1 June 2015

Maric Glaser highlights some of the main points from the recent annual CIOT European VAT conference

Italian voluntary disclosure

Guido Pignanelli and Malachy McLernon explain the Italian 'voluntary disclosure' system

EU law
1 April 2015

Keith Gordon reviews a decision by the CJEU where the legality of the UK’s legislation was being challenged


Stéphane Gelin and Céline Pasquier consider the OECD recommendations for profit split in the context of BEPS

Inside track
1 March 2015

Bill Dodwell considers the latest verdict from the European Court of Justice on cross-border loss relief