International Tax

The end (of the tax year) is nigh – US tax planning
US tax planning
1 November 2016

David Treitel travels through American tax planning as 2016 draws to a close

Adjusting the masterplan – Corporation tax
Corporation tax
1 November 2016

Bill Dodwell considers the latest proposal for a CCCTB

Advanced International Taxation (Thematic)
7 September 2016

Ken Almand provides a view of the rising importance of the subject

Advanced International Taxation (Jurisdiction)
7 September 2016

Manish Shah and Vipool Shah outline the key pointers that indicate that the tax environment in India has become quite dynamic and that much is being done to create a taxpayer friendly environment for compliant taxpayers

Advanced International Taxation (Jurisdiction)
7 September 2016

David Treitel outlines the challenges and concludes that the one certainty is that whoever wins the Presidential race the US tax system is unlikely to become less complicated

Principles of International Taxation
7 September 2016

Philip Baker notes the impact of the BEPS Project: whilst it did not set out fundamentally to amend or rethink the basic principles and those principles remain largely intact, there are significant modifications

Don't panic! – Brexit
1 August 2016

Bill Dodwell considers the impact of Brexit on the tax system

Shifting sands – Taxing corporate profits
Taxing corporate profits
1 May 2016

Bill Dodwell examines the various ways to tax corporate profits and highlights the challenges involved with each

BEPS: the indirect tax impact
BEPS – Indirect tax
1 April 2016

Mark Junkin and Aili Nurk review the BEPs project and its potential effect on indirect taxation for businesses

Virtual compliance – BEPS – EU Digital Taskforce
BEPS – EU Digital Taskforce
1 March 2016

Bill Dodwell looks at the dilemma faced by the new EU digital taskforce in discerning digital services compliance in a global marketplace