Large Corporate

Transfer pricing
1 August 2018

Paul Sutton examines how corporate governance flaws exacerbate transfer pricing risks

Research & Development
1 August 2018

Tom Haberfield and Martin Hook consider how the UK R&D tax regime can be improved

Business Tax Voice
2 July 2018

Ray Chidell and Jake Iles : what all tax practitioners need to know

International tax
1 July 2018

Melissa Geiger looks at the upcoming developments which will spark change on the international tax landscape

CIOT Conference Report
1 June 2018

Mike Truman reports on the CIOT Spring Residential Conference held in Cambridge from 23–25 March 2018

Intangible fixed assets
1 June 2018

Dan Millichip provides a reminder and update on seemingly simple intangible fixed assets

EU Mandatory Disclosure Rules
1 June 2018

Bill Dodwell considers the impact and reach of the EU Mandatory Disclosure rules

1 June 2018

Caroline McCabe considers the impact of IFRS16 on the corporate interest restriction

Business Tax Voice
30 May 2018

David Marcussen offers a practical guide to making the most of these key tax reliefs.

Business Tax Voice
16 May 2018

David Haigh notes a strong demand for improved reporting of intangible assets