International Tax

Transfer pricing
1 March 2018

Peter Steeds and Paul Fields look at trends in HMRC’s post-BEPS approach to transfer pricing

Digital Economy
1 February 2018

Bill Dodwell considers the taxation of the digital economy

State Aid
1 February 2018

Matt Stringer explores the design of the FCPE and the EC’s investigation into the regime

ADIT Voice
4 January 2018

Ram Iyer outlines the good and simple tax: India’s New GST Law

Transactions in securities
1 January 2018

Tom Klouda and Andrew Herring consider the broadening in scope of the TiS legislation

Non-cooperative jurisdiction
1 January 2018

Bill Dodwell provides an update on the EU Council of Finance Masters list of non-cooperative jurisdictions

ADIT Voice
14 December 2017

“Taking back control” was, arguably, the simple and winning message of the June 2016 EU referendum. However, some 18 months from the leave vote, and 15 months until the UK leaves the EU, legislators and businesses alike are mired in the detailed implications – still unsure what the future, post Brexit will look like. As tax law practitioners, we will also be impacted by the changes that are unfolding in front of us, and very much need to stay alert to the unravelling ramifications, which are anything but simple.

Country by country reporting
1 December 2017

Andy Gent considers the challenges ahead for advisers dealing with the different stages of the Country by Country Report

Autumn Budget 2017
1 December 2017

Bill Dodwell considers the key measures

Corporate Residence
1 December 2017

David Hughes examines the recent case of Development Securities v HMRC and considers what the decision means for corporate residence issues