Management of taxes

Discovery Assessments
1 May 2018

Keith Gordon considers a recent Upper Tribunal case which revisits the question as to when a discovery assessment is valid

Disguised Remuneration
1 April 2018

Helen Adams and Sarah Stenton examine why users of Disguised Remuneration arrangements need to carefully consider their options before the 31 May 2018 settlement registration deadline

Tax Transparency

Alex Henderson and Natalie Martin consider the range of initiatives introduced to increase transparency

1 April 2018

Keith Gordon considers a recent Tribunal case where an appeal against penalties for late tax returns yields an unexpected outcome

Property Taxes Voice
15 March 2018

Lakshmi Narain, WRA Board Member, provides a timely reminder: the introduction of the first new taxes in Wales for 800 years is only days away.

Land Transaction Tax
1 March 2018

Ginny Offord provides an overview of the introduction and implications of the Deddf Treth Trafodiadau Tir, or land transaction tax in Wales

Requirement to correct
1 March 2018

Geoff Lewis provides a reminder of the RTC requirements and penalties

Professional Negligence
1 March 2018

Harriet Brown considers what we can learn from the Baxendale Walker case on professional negligence

HMRC Powers
1 February 2018

Keith Gordon considers a recent judicial review claim which examines the geographical reach of HMRC’s information powers

Tax evasion
1 January 2018

Helen Adams considers the findings of research commissioned by HMRC into tax evasion and the sharing economy and what more could be done to improve compliance