Celebrating ADIT excellence at the 2023 Virtual Awards Ceremony

Awards: Celebrating ADIT excellence at the 2023 Virtual Awards Ceremony
22 November 2023

On Thursday 9 November, the CIOT recognised the incredible achievements of nearly 100 award winners, international tax affiliates and graduates from recent ADIT exams at the 2023 Virtual Awards Ceremony.

President of the CIOT Gary Ashford offered a warm welcome to all the attendees, as well as some thought-provoking insights on the dynamic field of international tax in a changing world, in which this newest group of ADIT achievers are sure to take leading roles.

Chair of the Academic Board Jim Robertson served as Master of Ceremonies and congratulated each of the attendees on their ADIT exam success. Attendees had gathered from 31 countries around the world, from tax authorities to accountancy firms and beyond, reflecting the ever-growing diversity of the ADIT community.

In regional breakout rooms led by ADIT Champions and committee members, the attendees were invited to meet and network with their peers. The resulting discussions were indicative of the enthusiasm of ADIT professionals to support one another, work together to strengthen regional ties, and further develop their skills and expertise in international tax.

The latest ADIT graduates join a vibrant and inspirational community of 1,900 people across six continents who now hold the qualification. Congratulations to all those honoured at the Virtual Awards Ceremony. We hope you are feeling proud of your success and look forward to seeing how ADIT continues to help you in your career!