CIOT New Fellows 2023

Fellows: CIOT New Fellows 2023 list
24 January 2024

CIOT New Fellows 2023

Body of work

  • Grahame Jackson: International exchange regimes, their application and practical consequences
  • Harriet Brown: How information exchange changed the world (of tax): the development and application of international information exchange in the UK, its overseas territories and beyond
  • Stephen Daly: Tax authority, advice and the public
  • Andy Wood: Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets: tax law and practice
  • Thomas Dalby: Employee share schemes equity reward for private companies.


  • Hannah Hurley: Why did the film tax incentives in Finance Act (No.2) 1992 and Finance Act (No.2) 1997 fail? Are the incentives provided by Part 15 CTA 2009 destined to follow?
  • David Currie: The VAT exemption for the management of special investment funds: a review of their design, impact and alternatives.