Have you signed up to the HMRC Agent Forum?

The Agent Forum has been up and running for nine months now. Have you joined? 

It is now nine months since the HMRC Agent Forum was officially launched. Membership has been increasing, and over recent weeks HMRC have been carrying out an email campaign to encourage more agents to join up to view and engage with the conversations online. So what is it, and why would you want to join?

As Richard Wild explained in Technical Newsdesk when the Forum was officially launched in October 2017, the forum is a way for agents to report problems with HMRC systems and processes and for other agents to comment and contribute. HMRC staff interact on the forum to deal with queries and also post announcements of updates, service availability and requests for volunteers for pilots. The forum is divided into around 12 different areas, including CGT, MTD, PAYE, CIS, Self-assessment and the Trust Registration Service. 

Members of the Issues Overview Group (IOG) also raise and comment on issues and monitor the forum to identify issues that are potentially widespread or significant. Recent issues that have been highlighted include problematic P800s, incorrect late filing penalties, processing delays and particular concerns over refunds of Class 2 paid under self-assessment.

The more agents that join the forum and contribute, then the easier it is for representative bodies to spot emerging issues and also provide evidence to HMRC that these issues are significant and need resolution. 

Instructions on how to join the forum can be found on the ATT and CIOT websites.