How we can all be healthier

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week on 10 to 16 May, Rob Stephenson considers the huge importance of workplace mental health

Mental health. Say these words in your head. Think about them for a few seconds. What images spring to mind? People suff ering? People struggling with depression, anxiety or PTSD? Black and white photographs of people with their head in their hands? Or maybe you are thinking of a loved one who struggles? A friend? Yourself?

Now think of physical health. What do you see? Healthy, vibrant people? People who are well? Fit people? Aspirati onal images of people that we wish we were more like. The interesting thing with this simple exercise is that, in both cases, I asked you to think of the word ‘health’. Mental health has a brand problem because we immediately think of illness when faced with the term.  

We all have mental health