Leading by example: the ADIT Academic Board

International: Leading by example: the ADIT Academic Board
26 October 2023

At the CIOT, we celebrate the diversity of our near 6,000 strong ADIT community, made up of Affiliates, graduates and students from many different walks of life and located in 120 countries. Reflecting such diversity is the ADIT Academic Board, all of whose members are eminent international tax experts and thought leaders from around the world.

The Board is responsible for overseeing the technical content and rigour of our exams, ensuring that ADIT maintains the highest standards in international tax. Board members have taught at many leading universities, published countless articles textbooks, and advised individual taxpayers, corporations, governments and transnational institutions on an enormous range of cross-border tax subjects. Their contributions have motivated students from China, India, the USA and beyond.

We welcome three new members to the Board, who are sure to be an inspiration to many students in their regions.


Chloe Burnett

In Australia, Chloe Burnett is a Senior Counsel specialising in tax and revenue law at Selborne Wentworth Chambers. She also serves as VP of the Australian Branch of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) and teaches at the Sydney School of Law.


KR Girish

In India, KR Girish works at the International Tax Research and Analysis Foundation and runs his own practice, KR Girish and Associates in Bangalore. He was previously President of the Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


Professor Jennifer Roeleveld

Professor Jennifer Roeleveld is an Emeritus Professor and Director of the Tax Unit for Fiscal Research at the University of Cape Town, and President of the South African Branch of the IFA. Her appointment as the inaugural Academic Board member in South Africa promises to help us serve our growing community in southern Africa.


Our newest members join Prof Philip Baker KC, Prof Rita de la Feria, Malcolm Gammie KC, Prof Ruth Mason, Prof Zhu Qing, Prof Diane Ring, Prof Luis Eduardo Schoueri, Prof Kees Van Raad, Jefferson VanderWolk and Chairman Jim Robertson on the Board. To learn more about the ADIT Academic Board members and their work, visit www.tax.org.uk/adit/academic-board.