One ADIT Voice

07 September 2016

2,800 current ADIT students, graduates and Affiliates. 110 countries.

o, ADIT Voice is here! We hope this new digest will become a regular fixture in your international tax reading, and that it will serve as a useful, accessible resource – whether you’re an ADIT student keen to augment your textbook reading with something a little lighter and more topical, or one of the ever-growing number of ATT members, CTAs and International Tax Affiliates who are interested in the latest international tax news and discussion.

As well as a forum for technical international tax discussion, ADIT Voice also provides an outlet for the latest news about the ADIT qualification itself, and our plans for developing ADIT to make sure it continues to meet the demands of stakeholders around the world.

If you’re an ADIT student, you can find information about preparing for and sitting ADIT exams, and the latest ADIT events, in the ADIT Student Newsletter at Below is a digested summary of recent and forthcoming ADIT developments and activities.

ADIT continues to grow…

The ADIT community has expanded rapidly in the years since the qualification was first launched, as tax matters have moved up the international agenda and increasing numbers of institutions and individuals – from governments to businesses to tax advisers and lawyers themselves – have recognised the crucial importance of advanced level, specific and applied learning in the laws and practices underpinning global tax.

We recently saw the 4,000th ADIT student registration, while a record number of new ADIT graduates passed exams in June. Indeed, the June 2016 exam session was our biggest ever, and you can read the press release at

Many of the successful ADIT graduates, and award winners, will be welcomed at the forthcoming CIOT admission ceremony in London on 13 October, where they will receive their certificates and awards alongside new CTAs. The ceremony is always a memorable occasion for successful students and their families, and we look forward to extending our congratulations to them.

…as we continue to promote ADIT

Other forthcoming events at which ADIT will be represented include IFA 2016 Madrid from 25 until 29 September, at which we will be exhibiting to international tax leaders and their firms, and hosting special ‘meet and greet’ sessions led by members of the academic board; and the Norwegian Petroleum Society’s 27th International Petroleum Tax Conference in Oslo on 2 and 3 November, where the Upstream Oil and Gas option will be promoted to tax decision makers from across the energy sector in Norway and beyond.

If you are attending either of these events, make sure to drop by our exhibition stand!

New developments

ADIT has changed considerably in the last few years, with the introduction of a second exam session in December, a pioneering on-screen exam method, new exam options and a more flexible structure that now allows students to select any two option papers in addition to the compulsory ‘Principles of International Taxation’ paper. However, just as the international tax environment never stops changing, ADIT will continue to evolve to meet the needs of practitioners, employers and clients alike.

Watch this space for further developments, or check out the ADIT Noticeboard at You can also keep up-to-date with ADIT news via our LinkedIn group ( and Twitter feed (@CIOTADITStudent).