Providing feedback on the GOV.UK website

CIOT and ATT provide HMRC with feedback on the website

If CIOT and ATT Technical Officers were asked which topics come up for discussion the most during our weekly Technical Officers meetings I’m sure that issues with the GOV.UK website would feature prominently.

In whatever area of tax we deal, we all hear from members about content on GOV.UK that is either misleading or has not been updated after changes in legislation. We have passed on these comments to HMRC at every opportunity.

However, when HMRC report these issues back to the Government Digital Service (GDS), which is responsible for GOV.UK, the message that they receive is that GDS is not receiving this feedback directly from users, and without that it seems unwilling to address any points.

HMRC are as keen as agents to correct and improve the website content. At the national workshops on digital engagement this year, HMRC stressed the importance of reporting any issues of misleading or incorrect information by using the link entitled ‘Is there anything wrong with this page?’. This appears near the bottom left-hand corner of each page. The link can also be used when you are unable to find information or to pass on comments if you had difficulty finding information on a particular topic.

The Technical Teams at CIOT and ATT are still keen to hear about your experiences using GOV.UK. However, we would  be grateful if you could also register your comments through the GOV.UK website to provide GDS directly with that much-needed feedback.