Take a look at the CIOT and ATT websites

21 June 2022

Take a look at the CIOT and ATT websites

The websites of the CIOT (www.tax.org.uk) and ATT (www.att.org.uk) have more information on them than you might expect. We invite you to take a look.

This is where you can find all our core technical work of responses to consultations by the UK government, devolved governments and other bodies, such as the OECD. These can be found under the ‘Technical’ tab on both websites. But there is much more besides our responses and submissions.

Both websites have pages dedicated to providing topical news updates, as well as the material that HMRC asks us to share to help them communicate information to our members. On the CIOT website, this is the ‘Technical News’ section within the Technical pages. The ATT website’s News section is accessible from its home page, and also includes the ATT’s press releases.

The CIOT’s media activity is published under the ‘Media Centre’ tab, where you can also find all of our press releases and blogs on a variety of tax related topics and politics, such as comment on excise duty on spirits and beers, an explainer on UK domicile and non-doms, and comments around the recent Queen’s Speech.

Both websites also host pages on specific areas of topical interest where there is significant material. Both websites have sections on Making Tax Digital (MTD) and Covid-19, so that you can find all the information relating to these issues in one place. The CIOT website also has pages dedicated to EU Exit.

Finally, both websites include information about how you can become involved in our technical activities. The CIOT has this information on the page providing information about our technical committees (www.tax.org.uk/our_tcs) and the ATT has a dedicated page about volunteering in our technical activities (www.att.org.uk/volunteer_technical), which provides more information.

So, please do take a look and explore our websites. And get in touch if you have any comments or want to become more involved.

Sacha Dalton sdalton@ciot.org.uk

Emma Rawson erawson@att.org.uk