Welcome from the editor-in-chief, August 2018

01 August 2018

Read me!

This is my last issue as editor-in-chief and perhaps fittingly it is also the 65th that I have been involved with. Moving from tax practice to publishing was a big change initially but over the past five years a big team has helped to present a diverse range of tax content in these pages. I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of them – the list is very long so apologies if I have missed you.

I was reminded of the importance of how we present tax content when I attended Nicky Morgan’s CTA address. She encouraged us to keep spreading the tax word, as she said there is ‘certainly the need for a more informed debate about tax’. As we live in an age of so much content, I believe, it is important to present tax content in as an attractive a way as possible; whether this be the technical content included in these pages, explanations to clients or writing in the media. We all need a subtle way of saying ‘read me!’.

Some of the ways we have encouraged our readers to read our articles include the development of our taxonomy tags in the contents page, our key point boxes, by encouraging authors to include illustrative examples and the use of eye-catching imagery. The latter has sometimes been the most challenging part of the job as tax doesn’t naturally lend itself to a wide range of images! My thanks go to all of the production team at LN, and particularly to Jo, who do a great job in making our articles look really interesting.

Big thanks also go to the editorial team at LN, especially to Emma. It has been really helpful for me to have been able to interact with the other taxation magazines, with Paul at Tax Journal and all of the TAXATION team. I am also very appreciative of the time and energy that the late Chris Jones always had for Tax Adviser. We shared a similar enthusiasm for spreading the tax word with anyone that would listen!

Most importantly has been to continue to publish the best tax content and my thanks go to all those who have contributed articles, especially to our regular writers, Bill, Keith and Neil.
I would like to thank the various CIOT presidents that I have worked with (the magnificent seven!) who each brought their own focuses and encouragements. In particular, I would like to thank both John and Ray for their kind words in this issue.

In my role I have worked closely with the team at Artillery House and due to the developments of taxadvisermagazine.com I have worked with both ‘sides of the house’. With such a big team it is impossible for me to thank everyone but I would like to thank: Peter for his continued support and challenge, Sophia, who continues to do a fantastic job uploading all of the content to the website, to the three Tax Policy Directors, especially to John C, to Lisa, Sue, Richard and Sasha for always providing the ‘inhouse’ content on time, to the membership team for their feedback, especially Emma B, and to everyone that has contributed to the Tax Adviser Sub Committee, especially Yvette and Ruth.

Over to you, Bill!