Changing Shape

Jill Storey asks if multiple careers will be the norm, and considers how to prepare 

People used to say that changing jobs every few years would not help your CV and that potential new employers would be wary of you. This stigma is rapidly becoming outdated and the number of people shifting to a completely new career has continued to rise significantly over past 10-15 years.

What are the drivers behind this change?

For some the drivers will always have been there – they will have had a voice at the back of their heads saying:

‘Am I in the right role?’, ‘Is it time for a career change?’, ‘Is this it?’, ‘Is it now or never for me to follow my dreams?’, ‘Do I really want to retire at 55?’, ‘Will I be bored?’ or, aged 46, ‘What do I want to do when I grow up?’