A member’s view: Nigel Greenway

A member’s view: Nigel Greenway
20 September 2023

Assistant Tax Manager, Post Office

This month’s member spotlight is on Nigel Greenway, Assistant Tax Manager at Post Office and member of ATT.

How did you find out about a career in tax?

Serendipity, really. I had worked in a few roles at Post Office when the internal vacancy arose. They wanted a qualified accountant who was willing to study tax, and I thought the job looked really interesting.

Why is the ATT qualification important?

I can honestly say it’s the most relevant and useful qualification that I hold. Tax is a consequence of virtually every transaction that a business undertakes, so it touches almost every part of the business. I refer back to my study materials on a regular basis to complete day-to-day tasks and to respond to queries from colleagues.

Why did you pursue a career in tax?

It was a new challenge after over 20 years in management accountancy and I think the rules based nature of tax suits the way my brain works. I didn’t think I’d be a student again in my late forties, but it shows you can never stop learning.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Logical, diligent, curious.

Who has influenced you in your career so far?

Without naming specific individuals, every organisation I’ve worked at has definitely had someone very good to emulate, and someone very bad as a shining example to avoid at all costs.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of doing the ATT qualification?

There will always be tax, so there will always be a need for tax accountants. Therefore, it’s a qualification that will always be in demand. If you put the hours into studying, the exams will hold no fears for you.

What are your predictions for tax advisers and the tax industry in the future?

AI will automate the input, analysis and reporting side of the job (in line with MTD objectives/requirements), leaving the planning, advice and judgement calls to the humans. Tax law will remain ever-changing and we’ll see continued efforts to unify tax legislation on a global basis.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

It would be to have the courage of your convictions. Also, you’ll be so glad you didn’t get those tattoos – they wouldn’t have aged well!

Tell me something that others may not know about you.

My first proper job after graduation was working in Europe’s largest aerosol can manufacturing factory (it was a 29 acre site).

Some of my non-accounting responsibilities included counting barrels of printing ink every morning, loading bills of material into the production system for things like Pantene hairspray and Gillette shaving gel, and providing holiday cover in the production scheduling office. Happy days. It also had a fantastic canteen.