Thinking about CPD in 2023? Here’s what you need to know…

Emma Barklamb & Helen Ballantine
24 February 2023

Emma Barklamb, Head of Member Services and Helen Ballantine, Professional Standards Officer, set out the requirements and signpost some CPD opportunities for the year ahead.

The CIOT and ATT require members working in tax, or using their designations (CTA, ATT, ADIT and other variations) to assess and perform CPD appropriate to their duties. There is no minimum required number of hours and no stipulations regarding structured versus unstructured CPD. We keep the requirements under regular review but we have no plans to change the basic approach of looking to the member to assess their own needs.

The latest update to the CPD regulations and guidance came into force on 1 January 2023, with changes to clarify requirements on members undertaking pro bono work and for members still using the designations CTA or ATT in their retirement. You can find details of on the CIOT website: and ATT website:

Members must certify their compliance with the CPD regulations when completing their annual return and may be selected for the annual CPD check (see below), so Spring is a great time of year to review what CPD you have done so far this year and plan how you will meet your requirements for 2023.

The CPD market is very competitive. Whilst there is a lot on offer for accountants generally, for Chartered Tax Advisers and Taxation Technicians these offerings don’t always have the depth of technical analysis or level of practical application our members are seeking. Our members are more likely to be asked to deliver the session! So where can our members go to obtain excellent, affordable and accessible CPD?

Our educational primary purposes mean that we provide both free and ‘at cost’ CPD events, part of the value of member subscriptions. Branches now hold events and local groups online and have valiantly led on the return to in-person events in their region. See:

The CIOT Spring Virtual Conference is taking place over 26 and 27 April. See:

The ATT Annual conferences on19, 21 and 29 June provide a mixture of online and in person sessions. See:

Finally, we have links to a significant amount of CPD resources available on the information page via the ATT website: and CIOT website:

Each year, the Professional Standards Team select members for a check of CPD records. If chosen, you will be contacted in March 2023 and asked to submit your records for the year to 31 December 2022. Please don’t delay in responding, even if you think you have no requirement to do CPD, as those who do not provide their records or an explanation as to why no CPD is required will be referred to the Taxation Disciplinary Board.

Records are accepted in any format provided the details are clear. Our CPD form is available if you wish to use it and ensures all the relevant details we need are included in your record: Remember that a wide variety of activities count as CPD, and records should include sufficient details to demonstrate your competency to undertake your professional duties.

We hope we see you at a conference or event at your local branch, online or in person in 2023.