Ukrainian student to join ranks of ADIT graduates

Ukrainian student to join ranks of ADIT graduates
23 March 2023

A Ukrainian tax professional is among those to secure a prestigious international tax qualification, less than a year after Russia’s invasion of the country.

Vlad Kupriienko, a senior associate for PwC Ukraine in Kyiv, graduated from the ADIT (Advanced Diploma in International Taxation) following exams in December 2022. He was one of the 570 students to sit 609 online exams, despite his preparation being thrown into turmoil by the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February last year.

Vlad, who is 27, was visiting his mother-in-law in the Dnipro region at the time and was due to return home to Kyiv on the day of the invasion. Instead, he and his wife stayed for several months, with the region subject to numerous missile attacks from Russian forces.

He said: ‘My mother-in-law lives there alone, not far from a combat zone. In the early months of the war, it was unclear how the events would unfold, so we couldn’t leave her for quite a long time.

‘A large part of my family, including my parents, currently lives in Sevastopol. It was autumn 2021 when I saw them last time, and I can’t say how soon I’ll be able to see them again.

‘It has definitely been mentally difficult for everyone. Now almost everyone in Ukraine lives with regular missile shelling and electricity outages – yet, of course, that’s totally unmatched to what it’s like at the front line.’

When the couple were finally able to return home, they still found regular reminders of the war in Kyiv.

Vlad said: ‘We live not far from a power plant which is regularly targeted. One day missile debris landed in the children’s playground near our house. So however far you seem to be from the war, you never really are.

‘Being neither a combatant nor internally displaced person, I’ve never had “direct touch” with the war. However, there is a constant feeling that something has unequivocally changed, that there is no turning back to your previous life. Yet Ukrainians have become stronger, more mature, determined and united than ever before. I think people are now rethinking their existence, trying to live in the moment and to value simple, ordinary things.’

Vlad said: ‘I certainly consider my ADIT qualification to be a great accomplishment. I vividly remember hearing about the ADIT qualifications for the first time and I thought I would consider it as a personal triumph if I managed to complete the full set. I feel grateful. To live on and take exams can now be considered a luxury that few can afford.’

Despite the ongoing turmoil, Vlad continued to study, putting in many hours of extra preparation for his exams in December. The hard work paid off when he received his results, but Vlad says he is not done yet. He now intends to join the CIOT as an International Tax Affiliate and is considering studying for further qualifications to expand his professional services repertoire.

We wish him all the best.