Working Together and digital solutions: update

Over the past few months we have used the Technical section in Tax Adviser and other channels to make our members aware of HMRC’s plans to move Working Together on to a more digital footing. Some of our members have raised concerns with HMRC’s plans, particularly about the future of face-to-face meetings, and we have done our best to make these known to HMRC through meetings and in a letter sent to them last year. But recently, members were given the chance to tell HMRC what they thought in a series of regional workshops and we hope that many of you did so.

In February, HMRC invited agents to a series of regional workshops (and two digital workshops) to discuss ways in which HMRC and agents can engage through digital channels. HMRC’s preference for digital communications was clear from the invitation – saying that ‘using digital channels will enable us to share information with more agents, help raise issues for resolution and provide tailored education tools’. But there is also a commitment to consider the views of agents: for HMRC the workshops are intended to be an ‘interactive’ part of an ‘ongoing conversation’.

Most, if not all, of the workshops will have taken place by the time this issue of Tax Adviser is published and we hope that many of our members will have taken part in them. If you attended a workshop please let us know how it went:

Was the workshop useful?
Did HMRC listen to the points you raised?
Did you feel more or less confident about the future of Working Together after the workshop?

The invitation to the workshops can be found on the CIOT website and the ATT website.