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Employment Taxes Voices
12 March 2019

Nigel Morris identifies the key issues to look out for

Employment Taxes Voice
12 March 2019

Eleanor Meredith looks at the issues of concern for STBVs to the UK and how to report them

Employment Taxes Voice
12 March 2019

Lesley Fidler observes that there are so many ways to get it wrong!

Employment Taxes Voice
12 March 2019

Susan Ball and Paul Tucker provide an update on the rules introduced in 2018

Indirect Tax Voice
21 December 2018

Jayne Simpson outlines the changes to MOSS (the mini one stop shop scheme) from 1 January 2019.

ADIT Voice
5 December 2018

In the first article the importance of accounting, managing and pricing of intangibles were outlines – Alex now considers the relevance of this for tax.

ADIT Voice
27 November 2018

In the first of a two-part article, Alex Haigh, highlights the importance of accounting, managing and pricing intangibles.

Enterprise Management Incentive schemes
Management of Taxes Voice
15 November 2018

Enterprise Management Incentive schemes are simply the most tax efficient and flexible share option plans. But, says David Marcussen , just make sure you don’t fall foul of the rules – it’s easy to do.

ADIT Voice
17 October 2018

Imran Ali examines some of the pressures (both domestic and international) that the Caribbean authorities face, and their responses to such challenges

Business Tax Voice
3 October 2018

It’s surprisingly easy to get caught out by Entrepreneurs’ and Investors’ Relief. Here David Marcussen explains the dangers – and how to avoid them.