The concluding chapter?

Matt Stringer considers the most recent developments to the diverted profits tax 

Avid Tax Adviser readers (with excellent memories) may recall my article The Sequel! from the May 2017 issue, which considered the changes to Diverted Profits Tax (‘DPT’) from Finance Bill 2016. In that article I considered the rationale for a sequel to DPT, originally introduced in Finance Act 2015, and how DPT II went further than the original DPT measures in its goal of tackling the perceived tax avoidance of a multinational group with a low-tax IP owner.

My final remark back then in 2017 was that sequels are often not the end of the story: for particularly thrilling tales, the concluding chapter of a trilogy is where the real heart of the story lies. I hate to say ‘I told you so’ but…