Employment Tax

Employment Taxes Voice
13 March 2018

Peter Moroz provides updates on some issues regarding mileage allowances

Scotland Conference
1 February 2018

Joanne Walker reports on the Scotland Branch Conference held in Stirling

Optional Remuneration
1 February 2018

Michael Steed looks at the new income tax and NIC rules for OpRAs and asks who the winners and losers are

1 February 2018

Anton Lane considers the commerciality of Qualifying non-UK Pensions

National Minimum Wage
1 January 2018

Ian Goodwin and Jon Claypole provide a timely update on the current status of the National Minimum and National Living Wage

Anti-money laundering regulations
1 December 2017

David Pett takes a look at the new Money Laundering Regulations, and the ‘Trust Registration Service’ they have spawned

Employee share schemes
1 November 2017

William Franklin and Alan Garrod consider the importance of robust share scheme incentives in rewarding employees of all salaries and ages

Anton Lane considers the impact of the long running Rangers case
Employee benefits trusts
1 October 2017

Anton Lane considers the impact of the long running Rangers case

1 July 2017

Bill Dodwell asks whether personal service companies have had their day

Apprenticeship levy

Kym Hanbridge and Eleanor Meredith provide guidance on the challenges faced by firms dealing with the UK apprenticeship levy