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Bridge the Gap
Bridge the Gap
1 December 2016

Julie Cameron explains that the Bridge the Gap campaign needs ongoing support to provide help for vulnerable people who critically need tax advice but can’t afford to pay for it and illustrates the difference that professional tax advice can make to people’s lives

Alas, poor Warwick! – CIOT conference
CIOT conference
1 December 2016

Mike Truman reports on the CIOT autumn residential conference, held at the University of Warwick

Action required – Client notification requirements
Client notification requirements
1 December 2016

Richard Wild explains why advisers may have to send HMRC-branded correspondence to their clients, and how this might be achieved

Same but different – Party conferences
Party conferences
1 November 2016

George Crozier looks at what this year’s conference season tells us about the parties’ tax and economic plans

Independent direction – taxation disciplinary board
Taxation disciplinary board
1 November 2016

Larry Darby reflects on the developments within the Taxation Disciplinary Board over the past four year

Survivors' stories – Bridge the Gap
Bridge the Gap
1 October 2016

Julie Cameron highlights some personal tax issues arising from bereavement and explains how the two tax advice charities helped to resolve them

Don't panic! – Brexit
1 August 2016

Bill Dodwell considers the impact of Brexit on the tax system

Moral Compass
Professional conduct
1 July 2016

Chris Davidson examines the role of the tax adviser in a changing world in his address to the Confédération Fiscale Européenne 8th European Conference on Tax Advisers’ Professional Affairs

Forefront of tax – tax administration
Tax administration
1 July 2016

Lynne Oats provides an overview of topics covered by recent issues of the Journal of Tax Administration