General Features

Spirit of law – Parliamentary intent
Parliamentary intent
1 September 2015

Bill Dodwell considers the government’s proposals that large businesses should publish their tax strategy

Transforming service – HMRC customer service ( IStockphoto/Warchi)
HMRC Customer Service
1 September 2015

Elaine Benn , tasked with delivering a range of changes at HMRC over the next year, tells Tax Adviser where the department is now and where it’s heading

HMRC – Love it or hate it
1 August 2015

Ray McCann believes that the ‘rules is rules’ culture within HMRC needs to go

Not-for-profit, not for tax?
1 August 2015

Graham Batty considers some of the tax issues facing practitioners dealing with not-for-profit organisations

Summer Budget 2015 – Raising Taxes
Summer Budget 2015
1 August 2015

Bill Dodwell considers the main points of the Conservative government’s first Budget for 18 years

Historical tax – Permanently temporary
Historical tax
1 August 2015

Helen Thornley reflects on Gladstone’s Budget of 1853

Academic focus
1 June 2015

Lynne Oats and Andy Lymer explain the enquiring minds of PhD tax students

Conference report
1 June 2015

Maric Glaser highlights some of the main points from the recent annual CIOT European VAT conference

HMRC investigations
1 June 2015

Peter Ashby reflects on the efforts required to overturn an unreasonable penalty

Tax charities

Helping more vulnerable people in crisis with their tax by Rosina Pullman and Graham Sherburn, CEOs of TaxAid and Tax Help for Older People