General Features

Thick and fast – Auto-enrolment
1 January 2016

Mike Anthony and John Moss consider some of the practical issues of auto-enrolment encountered by advisers

Public attitudes to tax
Academic Focus
4 December 2015

Andy Lymer examines how tax advisers can make a positive contribution to the public debate on taxation

Party conferences
Party Conferences
4 December 2015

George Crozier provides a political update after the party conference season

Taxes on knowledge – Newspaper taxes
Newspaper Taxes
1 November 2015

Helen Thornley reflects on the history of the taxation of newspapers

Social incentive – Social investment tax relief
Social investment tax relief
1 November 2015

Graham Batty looks at social investment tax relief and how social enterprises can use it

Cutting-edge tax – Tax administration
Tax administration
1 October 2015

Lynne Oats explains what’s inside the Journal of Tax Administration

Fundamental principles – PCRT
1 October 2015

Mandy Pearson and Sharon Baynham explain why the Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation is such a valuable document for tax advisers

Together clear – Tax-transparent funds (IStockphoto/kutaytanir)
Tax-transparent funds
1 October 2015

John Buckeridge looks at the reasons for investors of ‘tax‑transparent’ schemes for collective investment

More change – Pension taxation
Pension taxation
1 October 2015

Tony Bacon considers the major challenges faced by pension scheme members, their advisers and employers after recent radical Budgets