VAT and Business Activity
1 November 2018

Edd Thompson considers the impact of the recent judgment from the Court of Appeal in Wakefield College on the concept of ‘business activity’

Employment Status
1 November 2018

Keith Gordon looks at a case which considers the employment status of professional football referees

ADIT Voice
17 October 2018

Imran Ali examines some of the pressures (both domestic and international) that the Caribbean authorities face, and their responses to such challenges

Business Tax Voice
3 October 2018

It’s surprisingly easy to get caught out by Entrepreneurs’ and Investors’ Relief. Here David Marcussen explains the dangers – and how to avoid them.

Making Tax Digital
1 October 2018

Dale Simpson provides a practitioner’s view on how firms can ensure they’re ready for Making Tax Digital

Professional Standards
1 October 2018

Catherine Rosell considers the areas in professional standards that in-house members of CIOT and ATT may need extra support

State Aid
1 October 2018

Bill Dodwell considers the recent EC state aid inquiry into rulings granted by Luxembourg to McDonalds

Capital allowances
1 October 2018

Paul Vohmann examines the recent OTS review of the capital allowances regime, and considers how it can be improved

1 October 2018

Gillian Wrigley takes us through its achievements, and what’s next on the agenda

HMRC Information Powers
1 October 2018

George Gillham and Hartley Foster provide practical guidance on what information HMRC are legally entitled to – and what to do if they request information they’re not