Image of Dunluce Castle
Transfer pricing
1 June 2020

Edward Hellier considers the case of Union Castle, and its impact on transfer pricing and equity transactions

Roulette wheel
Transfer of assets abroad
1 June 2020

Rebecca Sheldon considers the role that the Transfer of Assets Abroad code plays in the sale of a UK telebetting business to a Gibraltar company

Hand holding a felt heart with sticking plasters in the shape of a cross
1 June 2020

Sofia Thomas explores the changes to gift relief when business assets are transferred in a divorce

Image of the Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger
Contract termination
1 June 2020

Keith Gordon looks at a case which considers the tax treatment of payments made to terminate a commercial contract

Man thinking about equations
National Minimum Wage
1 June 2020

Andrew Brookes asks why so many businesses fall foul of the rules for the National Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage

Image of a woman in debt
Back to basics

Chris Holmes and Jennifer Jones examine HMRC’s approach to tax debt, and the best approach for taxpayers in difficulty

Image of a planet in space
Indirect tax

With the uncertainties plaguing the technology, media and telecommunications sector, David Latief, Liam Smith and Tiffany Vaughan ask if there has ever been a more challenging time for an indirect tax function

Image of money on a tree
Tax system
1 June 2020

Giles Mooney shares his views on how the government can build a simple, fair tax system

Image of a tap pouring coins
1 June 2020

Kevin Hall and Punnit Vyas consider cash flow improvement during Covid-19, including bad debt relief and cash accounting

Image of the map of the world on a face mask
1 June 2020

Bill Dodwell considers the responses to Covid-19 offered through tax systems in the UK and overseas