Employment Taxes Voice
18 July 2018

Peter Rayney notes the rough justice meted out to Christa Ackroyd in the recent IR 35 case and considers whether there is even more trouble on the horizon

Indirect Tax Voice
12 July 2018

Ian Harris looks at some fundamentals of the scope of VAT and public bodies

Business Tax Voice
2 July 2018

Ray Chidell and Jake Iles : what all tax practitioners need to know

1 July 2018

Mel Stride , Financial Secretary to the Treasury, looks at the achievements and challenges of the past year

Historical taxes
1 July 2018

On the centenary of women’s suffrage, Helen Thornley considers the links between tax and voting rights for women

International tax
1 July 2018

Melissa Geiger looks at the upcoming developments which will spark change on the international tax landscape

US Tax
1 July 2018

Paul Lloyds provides an overview of the 2017 reforms to US estate and gift tax and the scope of the US transfer tax regime

Employment status
1 July 2018

Bill Dodwell considers the recent decision in Pimlico Plumbers

1 July 2018

Michael Steed reviews the state of play in respect of the uncertain application of this piece of legislation with a parachutist’s view of where we are now

Enterprise managenet incentive schemes
1 July 2018

William Franklin considers the recent interruption of the EMI scheme and its implications