HMRC Powers
1 January 2019

Jon Claypole and Tony Monger consider the impact of HMRC becoming the ‘preferred creditor’ again

Main Residence Relief
1 January 2019

Keith Gordon looks at a case which considers the ‘period of ownership’ for the purposes of main residence relief

1 January 2019

John Shallcross considers issues for couples buying a property using ‘Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor’ mortgages

Ordinary share capital
1 January 2019

Yvette Jacobs-Lee provides guidance on how the new interpretation of ‘ordinary shares’ and the Budget changes to the scope of entrepreneurs’ relief may affect your clients

State Aid
1 January 2019

Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho provides an update on State aid – where we’ve been, where we are, and where we may be going

Deductible expenses
1 January 2019

Meg Saksida considers the impact of the recent case of an exotic dancer who won her appeal on deductible expenses against HMRC in the FTT

Indirect Tax Voice
21 December 2018

Jayne Simpson outlines the changes to MOSS (the mini one stop shop scheme) from 1 January 2019.

ADIT Voice
5 December 2018

In the first article the importance of accounting, managing and pricing of intangibles were outlines – Alex now considers the relevance of this for tax.

Bridge the Gap
1 December 2018

Julie Cameron looks at how people on low incomes can face real tax problems from modern working arrangements

VAT return
1 December 2018

Neil Warren gives practical tips about making sure the first VAT return submitted by a business is accurate