Indirect Tax

1 May 2015

Chris Nyland sets out the facts behind the Royal College of Paediatrics’ purchase of a new property, and explains why the TOGC should be an issue that concerns us all

Alcohol duty
1 May 2015

Alan Powell explains the procedure in obtaining excise duty approval and welcomes HMRC’s recent change of tack

Option to tax
1 April 2015

Neil Warren gives some practical tips on which option to tax forms need to be completed for different property transactions

Mini one-stop shop
1 March 2015

Now that the mini one-stop shop is live, Tarlochan Lall considers where we are now

VAT - recovery of fees
1 March 2015

Claire McCabe explains why many tax experts disagree with HMRC’s approach to VAT recovery on transaction fees

1 February 2015

John Voyez looks at the trends in VAT planning and compliance

1 February 2015

Neil Warren gives some practical tips about completing VAT returns, with those concerning overseas transactions in particular