Large Corporate

Budget 2015
1 April 2015

Bill Dodwell reflects on the 2015 Budget and considers the highlights of Finance (No 2) Bill

Diverted profits taxation

Alastair Munro and Martin Lambert consider some of the potential problem areas associated with diverted profits tax

Corporate bonds
1 March 2015

Andrew Roycroft considers the impact on QCBs as a result of the recent case of Trigg

Inside track
1 March 2015

Bill Dodwell considers the latest verdict from the European Court of Justice on cross-border loss relief

Group disposals
1 March 2015

Emily Morris considers the interaction of the substantial shareholding exemption and the reorganisation provisions

1 February 2015

Bill Dodwell outlines the main points from the OECD’s draft interest restrictions document aimed at tackling BEPS

3 May 2013

Maric Glaser reports back from the International Indirect Tax Conference. All references are to the Principal VAT Directive unless otherwise stated

3 May 2013

Louise Harvey, Hans Hack and Luc Cade review the latest developments in EU tax policy debates – is it at last becoming sexy?

3 May 2013

Bill Dodwell asks whether it is possible to devise a new, simpler tax system